Collection of stone institutions. Digital representation of physical activities, avatar, are those ideas which infolution is comprehending and developing. Abilities to organize informations in space  (B. Gianni)  and work with them afterwards, are important articles within process of formulation of their relations and their implementation into bigger and more complex structures . Infolution was designed as an reaction to the medial/internet discursus. It is emerging from importance of searching for new ways of data organization in non-physical space and it is attempting to utilized the benefits of digital space. Also „avatar“ term is adjusted. It is trying to smooth paradox which emerges within the problematic of optical prosthesises  (P. Virillio)  where physical distances are shortened by them, however the social interactions are degraded. System does not attepmt to compensate physical existence at all  (Second Life), it is working with several types of data related to movie problematics. Those exist in user accesible digital matrix  (inner space). Users do not have just trivial two-dimensional avatar form, avatar here is simple expression for individual space modelling. Each avatar reffers to the space organization of relevant user, to his own virtual „garden of interests“, where each element is choosen from main matrix and afterwards might be individually uppgraded by user´s own „data seeds“ (outer space). Following that users  may percieves movie clubs individualy. Through avatars they might visit different spaces („opinion“) of different people more deeply and mutually start to compare, recognize, learn etc. Data itself creates various relations such a circulation highways, roads or databanks, intensity of which may be regulated (filtered from most evident to inappreciable)

Vizualized data:

R_01… director,   H_01… actors,   F_01… movie,  T_01… text, critique, user text (also external sources),  U_01… events – any action, movie can be related with

From the begining, data representation forms itself could embody their own information structures, before they fully grown (end of movie, director case)